Alumni Association new Executive Committee elected

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The new EUI Alumni Executive Committee has been elected. The group including Despina Chatzimanoli, Costanza Hermanin, Fabian Breuer, Christina-Maria Loli and Carsten Q. Schneider triumphed in the tightly contested ballot.

Despina Chatzimanoli

President: Despina Chatzimanoli
matriculation year: 2003
department: LAW
nationality: Greek

Costanza Hermanin

Vice-President: Costanza Hermanin
matriculation year: 2006
department: SPS
nationality: Italian

Fabian Breuer

Secretary: Fabian Breuer
matriculation year: 2002
department: SPS
nationality: Belgian

Christina-Maria Loli

Treasurer: Christina-Maria Loli
matriculation year: 1998
department: ECO
nationality: Greek

Carsten Q. Schneider

Member: Carsten Q. Schneider
matriculation year: 2000
department: SPS
nationality: German

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