Academy of Global Governance

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Academy of Global GovernanceThe Academy of Global Governance (AGG) offers unique executive training programmes focused on exchanging of experience, challenging assumptions and advancing innovative and creative solutions to topical issues relating to governance.

The AGG equips attendees with the skills to pursue, or advance, a career in EU institutions, national governments, international organisations and business. It also facilitates an excellent network of alumni among experts working in diverse contexts and coming from different corners of the world including; policymakers, diplomats, public sector officials, executives, and junior academics. 

Applications are currently open for the courses mentioned below, along with their application deadlines.

Global Value Chains: Policy Implications and Opportunities. 29 September.

Role of Foreign Direct Investments for Development: Legal, Social and Economic Aspects.  29 September.

Gender Quotas at the Global Level: Towards Parity Governance?  19 October


For more information on these, and additional courses, visit the Academy of Global Governance website.