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The director of a film charting 150 years of the Italian nation will come to the EUI later this month, as part of a collaboration between the Cineclub and the Department of History and Civilisation.

Enrico Cerasuolo, director of ‘From Garibaldi to Berlusconi – 150 Years of Italian History’, will attend a screening of the film and Q&A on 28 February. He will be joined by EUI Professor Lucy Riall, who has worked extensively on Italian history and features in the film; Stefano Bartolini, director of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies; and Marie Curie Fellow Duncan McDonnell.

Andante ma non troppo – 150 anni di storia d’Italia from M&L on Vimeo.

“History researchers said they didn’t feel that they knew enough about the country they were living in, [so this is] an opportunity to explain something about Italian history,” says Riall, who joined the EUI at the start of the academic year.

The screening is part of a three-week series organised by the Cineclub, which begins on 21 February with ‘Il Caimano’ – a fictional film based on politician Silvio Berlusconi – and ends on 7 March with a 1960s film about Sicily, ‘Il Gattopardo’. The series begins just days before Italians go to the polls, with the election scheduled for 24 and 25 February.

During 2012 the Cineclub ran a number of special events, including one on the Greek financial crisis and another on Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship in Chile. “We try to have a huge spread of international cinema; documentaries and movies, recent and old, classics and obscure,” says David Freis, who runs the Cineclub with fellow researchers Ricardo García Antón and Maja Spanu.

Films are usually screened each Thursday evening at 8.00pm in the Badia’s Sala Emeroteca and are open to all EUI members. The ‘From Garibaldi to Berlusconi’ screening will be held in the Refettorio, in the Badia, starting at 5.30pm and will be followed by a post-debate cocktail.


Featured image: jhmosty