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Alumni Round-up


Douwe Korff (LAW 1976-1982) writes to say that he has been working intensively on issues concerning surveillance and the law, testifying before the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee and publishing in multiple venues, especially following the Snowden revelations concerning the activities of the US’ National Security Administration.  Douwe will be back at the EUI in late March for a SURVEILLE project meeting, and will most certainly visit Bar Fiasco, of which he is a founding member.


Edward Chaney (HEC 1978-1982) recently published, with Timothy Wilksa, a new volume entitled The Jacobean Grand Tour: Earl Stuart Travellers in Europe (IB Tauris, 2014).  The book has enjoyed positive reviews, and was recently featured in the Spectator.

Jutta Krause (ECO 1978-1983) writes that she retired from the FAO in 2012 and continues to live in Rome. She has been working as consultant for the German Ministry of Agriculture, and the GIZ as well as for the EC DG Research and Innovation. She also was recently nominated an expert for short-term Election Observation.


Philomena Murray (SPS 1980-1989) has been promoted to Professor at the University of Melbourne. She maintains her ties with the EUI as 2014-15 President of the Executive Committee of the Australia European University Institute Fellowship Association Incorporated. This Committee deals with scholarships and fellowships for Australian PhD students, postdocs and academics for a period of research at the EUI.


Patrick Del Duca, (LAW 1981- 1985)  participated in the Seminar “Derechos Humanos, Democracia y Participación Ciudadana.  65 Aniversario de la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos”, organized by Mexico’s Federal Electoral Courts in December 2013.  His remarks, delivered in Spanish to Mexican electoral judges and court personnel, concerned the protection of political rights in the United States and Mexico, in the context of the emerging developments relative to constitutional review and human rights in Mexico.

Olivier Jugand (ECO 1981-1984) has been named international expert for Pôle emploi France. Within the context of this appointment he has recently visited Moldavia and Serbia on 2 missions concerning statistical help on public employment services. He is still researcher in the head office of Pôle emploi, Paris, in the Statistics, Studies and Evaluation Division.


Veronique Munoz-Darde (SPS 1988-1994), Professor of Philosophy at University College London and the University of California at Berkeley, has just published the co-edited volume Justice et Critique with  (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, 2014).

Stefano Guzzini (SPS 1988-1994) announces that he has been appointed ‘Distinguished International Scholar’ at the Institute of International Relations (IRI) of the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio). Guzzini is Professor in the Department of Government at Uppsala University and Senior Researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies.  He is also President of the Central and East European International Studies Association (CEEISA).


Nikos Georgantzis (ECO 1989-1993) has been appointed to a Behavioural Economics Chair at the Agriculture Policy and Development of the University of Reading, UK.


Paolo L. Bernardini (HEC, 1990-1994) currently full professor (on leave) of Early Modern European History at the University of Insubria (Como, Italy), has been appointed professor of history in the Founding Faculty of Nazarbayev University, in Kazakhstan, since January 2014. He will work in the strengthening of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of this Central Eurasian University which is positioned to become a leading teaching and research centre in the region.


Susana Borrás (SPS 1991-1996), currently Head of the Department of Business and Politics at the Copenhagen Business School, writes to say that she has become member of the board of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.  She will hold the seat until 2016.

Ettore Recchi (SPS 1991-1996) joined Sciences Po, Paris, as professor of sociology from January 1 2014. He is affiliated with the Observatoire Sociologique du Changement (OSC).


Emmanuelle Filsjean (LAW 1992-1993), Global Head of Marketing at Validsoft in the UK, has a video Q&A coming out on her involvement in pro bono work for charities.  The video is the result of a collaboration between a professional marketing organization, The Marketing Society, and Pimp my Cause, a web- based platform bringing good causes in need of professional marketing support together with professional experts able to contribute this expertise pro bono.


Rory O’Connel (LAW 1993-1997) has been appointed Director of the Transitional Justice Institute, University of Ulster, as of February 1st, 2014.


Frank Heinlein (HEC 1995-1999), Director of Business Communication at the Werner Sobek Group GmbH, has been appointed general manager of the E-Lab Projekt Gmbh,  a no-commercial company building “B10”, a plus-energy house with integrated electromobility located in Stuttgart’s historical Weißenhof compound. The house is part of a research project financed by the German government. Its aim is to demonstrate how sustainable mobility and sustainable architecture can be integrated into one.


Natacha Valla (ECO 1997-2003) was appointed Deputy Director of CEPII research center on international economics in February this year. She heads the scientific programme on International Macroeconomics and Finance, and is editor in chief of the CEPII Policy Brief.  Natacha is also a Fellow at the CGSP on European policy issues.


Maria Koinova (SPS 1999-2005), announces the publication of her book Ethnonationalist Conflict in Postcommunist States (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013).


Markus Petsche (LAW 2000-2004) announces that on 1 January 2014 he joined the Legal Studies Department of the Central European University as an Associate Professor.


Cristina Blanco Sio-Lopez (HEC 2003-08) announces the publication of her co-edited volume Converging Pathways. Spain and the European Integration Process / Itinerarios Cruzados. España y el proceso de construcción europea (P.I.E. Peter Lang, 2013).  Cristina also contributed to the new LSE IDEAS Special Report ‘The Crisis of EU Enlargement’ with her piece on ‘Reconditioning the “Return to Europe”: The Influence of Spanish Accession in Shaping the EU’s Eastern Enlargement Process’.


Sarah Birke (LAW 2004-2005) is now Middle East and North Africa Correspondent for The Economist.  She is based in Cairo.


Valentina Vadi (LAW 2005-2009) announces the publication of Art, Cultural Heritage and the Market, a volume coedited with Hildegard Schneider (Springer, 2014).


Marc Berenson (MWP  2007-2008) is Senior Lecturer at  King’s Russia Institute, King’s College London.

Arthur Dyevre (MWP 2007-08) has been appointed as Associate Professor of Legal Theory at KU Leuven.

Alexandre Sayde (LAW 2007-2012) announces that Hart will soon publish a monograph based on his PHD thesis.  The book, entitled Abuse of EU Law and Regulation of the Internal Market , will be out in April.


Federico Fabbrini (LAW 2008-2012), Assistant Professor of European & Comparative Constitutional Law at Tilburg Law School, announces that his book  Fundamental Rights in Europe, based on his EUI PhD, has been published by Oxford University Press.


Siegfried Wiessner, Fernand Braudel Fellow at the EUI in 2009 and Professor of Law and Director of the Graduate Program in Intercultural Human Rights at St. Thomas University School of Law in Florida, was awarded the 2013 Law Professor of the Year Award by Lawyers to the Rescue, a humanitarian organization.


Julie Bailleux (RSCAS JMF 2012-2013) announces that her book Penser L’Europe par le droit. L’invention du droit communautaire en France (The Invention of EC Law in France) will be published by Dalloz at the end of the month.