Alumni round-up

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Alumni round-up


Chiara Zilioli (LAW 1985-1992) formerly Deputy General Counsel of the European Central Bank, was just appointed General Counsel of the Bank by its Executive Board. Zilioli has been at the ECB since 1998.


Roland Uittenbogaard (HEC 1997-2000), writes to announce that he has defended his thesis ´Evolution of central banking? De Nederlandsche Bank 1814-1852’ at Utrecht University. His defence, on March 25, coincided with the 200 years anniversary of De Nederlandsche Bank (the Dutch central bank). Professor Jaime Reis, who was Roland’s supervisor while he was here, also participated in the reading committee of my thesis and took part in the defense ceremony.

Natacha Valla (ECO 1997-2003) has been nominated deputy director of CEPII in February 2014, the Paris-based think-tank in international economics after having spent 7 years at the ECB and 6 years in macroeconomic research at Goldman Sachs. She will look after the international macro and finance programmes. She will also work on European issues for CGSP, the strategic office of the prime minister.


Aidan O’Malley (HEC 1999-2004 ) announces the publication of a co-edited volume (with Eve Patten) entitled Ireland, West to East: Irish Cultural Connections with Central and Eastern Europe (Peter Lang, 2014). He also recently edited a special issue of The European Journal of English Studies (17:2, August 2013) ‘Myths of Europe: East of Venice’. This explores interrelationships between Anglophone literatures and cultures and those in Central/Eastern Europe since the end of the Cold War.


Rengenier C. Rittersma (HEC 2000-2006) has been appointed Research Lecturer at Rotterdam Business School. Since he will be conducting research on “nation branding” and “food, culture, and marketing”, he is interested in establishing contacts with EUI-members with a shared interest in these topics. He may be contacted at his EUI address: [email protected]


Anna Bara (HEC 2003-2011) has taken up a Project Officer position for the Prague Process Targeted Initiative at the International Centre for Migration and Policy Development (ICMPD) in Vienna.


Valentina Vadi (LAW 2005-2009), Reader in International Business Law at Lancaster University, announces the publication of Cultural Heritage in International Investment Law and Arbitration (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2014).


Ilse Josepha Lazaroms (HEC 2006–2010) announces that she has received the Prins Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship for Emigrating Scholars of the Center for Jewish History in New York for the 201415 academic year.


David Baez Seara (LAW 2007-2013), announces that after working for nearly three years as Legal Officer specialized in EU research contracts and litigation at the European Commission, he has been appointed Member of the Legal Service at the European Central Bank“.


Joris Larik (LAW 2009-2013) has recently been appointed Senior Researcher in the Global Governance Program of The Hague Institute for Global Justice. The Hague Institute was established in 2011 by the city of The Hague, key Hague-based organizations and with support from the Dutch government as a leading, independent and nonpartisan organization addressing issues at the intersection of peace, security and justice.

Andrei Stavila (SPS 2009-2013) has been appointed guest lecturer at Maastricht University for the 2014 spring semester.