April staffing update

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Join us in wishing a big welcome to all the new arrivals who have joined the EUI in April 2021, and a fond farewell to all those leaving.

Welcome – or welcome back to:

Ayman Aldassouky, Research Associate (RSC); Elisabetta Carapezzi, Trainee (ICT); Ilaria Conti, Head of the Gas Area – FSR (RSC); Edgars Eihmanis, Research Fellow (SPS); Bengt Robert Holmström, Part-time Professor (STG); Kirstine Karstens, Trainee (STG); Valerie Kiel, Trainee (STG); Marta Landroni, Administrative Assistant (ICT); Thomas-Olivier Leautier, Part-time Professor (RSC); Konstantina Loulli, Trainee (HRS); Konuray Mutluer, Research Associate (ECO); Lorenzo Piccoli, Research Fellow (RSC); Ilze Plavgo, Research Fellow (SPS); Annalisa Rizzo, Trainee (REFS); Fabien Roques, Part-time Professor (RSC); Maria Salvetti, Research Associate (RSC); Filippo Santi, Research Associate (RSC); Andrea Terreni, IT Technician (ICT); Sofia Verza, Research Associate (RSC); Marina Vlachodimitropoulou, Project Associate (STG)


Goodbye to:

Silvia Dell’Acqua, Project Associate (STG); Rodrigo Fagundes Cezar, Research Associate (RSC); Giovanni Manetti, Research Associate (RSC); Stéphane Saussier, Part-time Professor (RSC); Anirudh Shingal, Research Associate (RSC)