Arts group to stage Christmas performance

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6770916105_4081e531a4_bAs the Christmas period once again draws near, the EUI community is busy preparing a smorgasbord of festive celebrations for its annual Natale evening.

More specifically, the EUI’s Pro Arts Group will perform a selection of poems and musical accompaniments designed to provoke deeper reflection on the yuletide season.  Formed this summer to provide a forum for cultural pursuits at the EUI, the Arts group hosts arts festivals and facilitates other cultural activities.

So aside from copious servings of mulled wine, what can attendees expect from the Natale evening? Speaking to EUI Life, Guillaume Landais, coordinator of the Pro Arts Group, explains that the group’s performance ‘’will be divided into several chapters individuated by a photo. For every photo, we aim at creating a proper music atmosphere, and a coherent topic addressed by the poems.’’

It will showcase poetry readings from the EUI’s Laboratorio di scrittura, as well as poems in English with accompanying music.

The Arts group aims to invoke a sense of contemplation and thoughtfulness, mindful of the turbulent events across Europe in recent months. Landais elaborates, ‘’There’s this shared idea among the group that the performance should be an occasion to remember that the EUI is not an island isolated from the rest of the world. As part of that, we’ll be addressing the refugee crisis in Europe.’’

The group seeks to convey narratives that transcend the ersatz sentiment of many conventional readings of Christmas. ‘’We want to show another Christmas, which is not necessarily Christian-heteronormative-white-family-oriented,’’ he adds.

The Pro Arts Group will perform between 21.00 – 21.30 in the Emeroteca, Badia. The EUI’s Christmas Event takes place on 8th December in the Badia.

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