Ellen Halliday

EUI Theatre Group – The Clothes They Stood Up In.

Just as the distant couple are learning to live without the possessions which bound their lives, the entire contents of their house are returned to them. ‘I felt as though I had been burgled twice,’ Mrs Ransome reflected, mourning the loss of her everyday adventures.

Best Thesis in EU Integration

‘It’s the story of the first willful non-enlargement of the European Community and a heated referendum campaign, with export-oriented business and political elites pushing for membership and the grassroots resisting.’ Haakon Andreas Ikonomou is not talking about Brexit, but rather his prize-winning thesis, ‘Europeans: Norwegian Diplomats and the Enlargement of the European Community, 1960-1972.’ The […]

The Linz Rokkan Prize in Political Sociology

One might expect a left-wing government to support measures which promoted equality in education by denying parents the choice. Yet Haberstroh noticed that since the 1980s, left-wing parties have also supported parental choice in schools. ‘Why would left-wing governments introduce school choice when this enforces inequality?’ she wondered.

CMPF Summer School Tackles Fake News

This year’s CMPF summer school, which tackles ‘Journalism in the digital age: responding to propaganda and fake news’, runs from 5-9 June. It offers training to 28 young journalist and media practitioners and is a unique networking opportunity.

Coppa Pavone 2017 Opening Ceremony

The Coppa Pavone kicked off last night in spectacular style, with tense matches for both the mixed and Femminile teams. Early in the evening, New Team were victorious over the now-established  Flush Royale, whilst the tight battle between last year’s CPF champions Weberly Hills and second-place Communardes ultimately ended with the ladies in red coming […]

The Festival of Arts 2017

There was magic in the air at the Festival of Arts, which took place in the beautiful gardens of Villa Raimondi yesterday evening. The annual event, which was created in 2013, brought the EUI community and local Florentines together for an evening of music, poetry and peaceful reflection. This year’s programme, organised by the 4B “Pro Arts Group”, began […]

SoS – The State of the Staff 2017

As another academic year races towards its conclusion, the annual SOS once again offered a little light relief for the hardworking staff of the EUI.

EUI alumna Marina Calloni organizes exhibit by Yazidi women

An exhibition highlighting the plight of women of Yazidi women who have fled the violence of Daesh is currently open at the University of Milano-Bicocca. “Photographs of Life in Khanke Camp”, which exhibits the work of six Yazidi women – Khawla Shamo, Klood Khedada, Bushra Qasim, Samia Jendo, Manal Barakat, Zina Hassan – who lived […]

First row discussant: Irina Isaakyan

The State of the Union has selected a group of EUI community members as first-row discussants during the panels on 4 May. They’ll be the ones to get the ball rolling for lively discussion following the panel presentations. Get to know who they are, and what they specialize in. Irina Isaakyan What is your connection […]

EUI spring concert

The audience who gathered in the Sala della Colonna for the EUI Spring Concert were treated to a wonderful array of performances on piano, guitar and voice. In a change of schedule to the listed programme, Bernhard Clemm von Hohenberg began the concert with a performance of Étude No. 1 by Heitor Villa-Lobos, on guitar. […]