Nicholas Barrett

WW1 performance & expert panal

‘Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Toward the Somme’ will play for the first time in Italy at the Teatro di Cestello.

Alumni Association new Executive Committee elected

The new EUI Alumni Executive Committee has been elected. The group including Despina Chatzimanoli, Costanza Hermanin, Fabian Breuer, Christina-Maria Loli and Carsten Q. Schneider triumphed in the tightly contested ballot. President: Despina Chatzimanoli matriculation year: 2003 department: LAW nationality: Greek Vice-President: Costanza Hermanin matriculation year: 2006 department: SPS nationality: Italian Secretary: Fabian Breuer matriculation year: 2002 department: […]

Brigid Laffan receives lifetime achievement award

Professor Brigid Laffan, Director of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, was presented with the UACES Lifetime Achievement Award.  Laffan was honoured during the Gala Dinner of the 2014 UACES (The Academic Association for Contemporary European Studies) Annual Conference in Cork. During the event, Laffan was recognised for her “outstanding record of academic achievement, […]

New working paper on independence referendums

EUDO Citizenship has published a working paper asking who should vote and who should be offered citizenship in the upcoming Scottish referendum. In the paper, a group of EUI academics “consider the interrelations between eligibility criteria for participation in independence referendum” and reflect on other separatist movements in Catalonia, Flanders and Quebec. One of the […]

Interview with Fabian Breuer

The AA should serve both current researchers and the alumni as a functioning and rich network. Many alumni are very fond of the EUI, but we could be better in reaching out to them and helping them to reconnect with the EUI So we want to facilitate alumni’s involvement and to expand the Alumni Association.

Interview with Despina Chatzimanoli

What are you ambitions for the EUI Alumni Association? We view that the EUI and its Alumni Association (AA) have both come a long way; we have now reached a point where we can tap further into the great potential of what the EUI has become and of its greatest asset, its people. Our vision […]

Interview with Thomas Jorgensen

The most important part of the vision is to define what makes the Alumni Association special and translate that into concrete advantages for the alumni and for EUI. I think that bridging theory and practice at an extraordinarily high level is the one thing that you cannot get anywhere else, and this is what I want to translate into concrete initiatives.

Study indicates that more information increases the chance of a Scottish yes vote

Voters taking part in Scotland’s referendum for independence on 18th September are more likely to vote ‘yes’ if presented with more information. This is according to a study tilted, ‘How Information Shapes Voting Behaviour: An Experimental Study on the Scottish Referendum’, to be presented to the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) conference in Glasgow […]

François-Xavier Millet passes agrégation de droit

François-Xavier Millet (PhD, Law, 2012) successfully passed the agrégation de droit public in France, allowing him to become full professor of public law as of 1st September 2014. Millet, who received the Mauro Cappelletti prize in 2013, has been associate professor in Toulouse for the past year. He will now take up a position at […]