Call for Papers for the 7th Graduate Network Conference

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The seventh conference of the European Graduate Network in political science will be hosted by European University Institute (EUI) and Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) in Florence from 4th to 6th March 2015. The conference gives PhD students of the network universities the opportunity to present and discuss their research projects and to refine their theoretical and methodological approaches. It allows for in-depth discussions and thorough feedback since each contribution is devoted extensive attention. PhD students in all stages of their doctoral research are invited to submit an abstract. Accordingly, papers will reflect the current state of research and can range from early research drafts to fully-fledged papers. Similarly, all political science topics are welcome since panels will be organized following the received proposals.

Application Instructions

All PhD students of the network are invited to submit an abstract of maximum 300 words by 23th November 2014 the latest to [email protected]. Abstracts should include the research question, theoretical framework and methods used. They should also provide three to five keywords and a sub-disciplinary classification (e.g. Political Theory, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Sociology, Political Economy). Please, also indicate your department, year of study as well as contact details. Successful applicants will be informed by 15 December 2014. Conference papers should be submitted by 18 the February 2015. The host institution offers accommodation and meals during the time of the conference. As for travel expenses, they have to be covered by participants and their respective universities. In case of co-authored contributions, only one of the authors may take part in the conference.

The European Graduate Network

The European Graduate Network (EGN) brings together graduate students of social sciences from 8 leading European universities: Central European University (CEU), Budapest, Hungary; European University Institute (EUI), Florence, Italy; Humboldt Universität (HU), Berlin, Germany; Instituto Italiano di Scienze Umane (SUM), Florence, Italy; Institut d‘Études Politiques (SciencesPo), Paris,  France; Institute for Advanced Studies (HIS), Vienna, Austria; London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London, United Kingdom; and Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Barcelona, Spain.

The network was initiated by students and aims to provide opportunities for PhD students to improve their research projects, to discuss methodological tools and to practice presenting and discussing academic work. It encourages and facilitates collaborative research of PhD students from the participating universities and aims at establishing academic linkages and cooperation. Students in their first years of studies are specifically encouraged to participate. To date, EGN has organised conferences in Florence (2007), Budapest (2008), Barcelona (2010), Berlin (2012), London (2013) and Paris (2014).


The conference will consist of 8 panels, with 7-8 students each. The panels will reflect the topics, methods and wishes presented by participants. They will be chaired by senior member of faculty from the network universities. Each student will present his/her paper and will also comment on the paper of another student in his/her panel. 45 minutes to 1 hour will be spent on each paper. For the sake of the quality and depth of post-presentation discussions, it is expected that each participant reads all 7 to 8 papers in his/her panel.