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Russell Cooper

Professor Russell Cooper rejoins EUI as Professor of Economics after five years away in the US teaching at Pennsylvania State University. Over coffee at a streetside cafe in San Domenico, we discuss his work at EUI, the ideal curriculum, and how an academic’s work is never done. For Professor Cooper, his new post is a […]

Nina Bobkova

Dr Nina Bobkova joins EUI as Assistant Professor in Economics from Bonn University in Germany. On a particularly hot and humid Thursday afternoon in the Villa Badia’s mensa, she spoke to EUI Life about her academic interests, the “special” environment of EUI, and her Slavic tolerance for mosquitos. As Assistant Professor in Economics, Dr Bobkova […]

Andrea Sangiovanni

EUI bids a warm welcome to Professor Andrea Sangiovanni, who is joining the Social and Political Science Department as Chair in Social and Political Theory. EUI Life sat down with Professor Sangiovanni to discuss his research, the work he will be undertaking at EUI, and some of his fond memories of Bar Fiasco. Professor Sangiovanni, […]

HR in the Spotlight: 26th September 2018

EUI has seen many new arrivals in September, and sadly waved goodbye to some staff. Welcome to: Marcel Albu, ICT Officer (ICT); Nina Bobkova, Full-time Assistant Professor (ECO); Miriam Boussairi, Trainee (SPS); Anne Bruch, Administrative assistant (HAEU); Jesus Bueren, Full-time Assistant Professor (ECO); Giacomo Calzolari, Full-time Professor (ECO); Tiziana Caponio, Marie Curie Fellow (RSCAS); Stefano […]

Inside the AEL’s celebrated summer school

The cafeteria may be a bit quieter, and the coffee line at the bar a bit shorter, but just because it’s July doesn’t mean that the European University Institute has ceased to be a hive of academic activity. Each summer, as the sun starts to show its teeth and the morning bike ride up to […]

Vincent Réveillère wins two thesis prizes

Congratulations to 2017 Law alumnus Vincent Réveillère, who has been awarded two thesis prizes in France. Vincent was recently named the recipient of the 2018  Prix Pierre-Henri Teitgen, awarded each year to a doctoral thesis in Law, written in French, that contributes to knowledge about European integration. In addition, he also received the 2018 Best Thesis […]

The Linz-Rokkan Prize in Political Sociology

Juan Masullo Jimenez has won the Linz Rokkan Prize in Political Sociology for his thesis on ‘A theory of civilian noncooperation with armed groups: Civilian agency and self-protection in the Colombian civil war’. The Department of Political and Social Sciences has conferred the prize, named in honour of political sociologists Stein Rokkan and Juan Linz, […]

The Mauro Cappelletti Prize for the Best Thesis in Comparative Law 2018

Zane Rasnača has won The Mauro Cappelletti Prize for the Best Thesis in Comparative Law, for her thesis, entitled ‘First or one among equals?: The CJEU and the construction of EU social policy’. The Law Department has awarded the prize every year since 2005 when an alumnus established the award to honour former EUI Professor […]

The Vilfredo Pareto Prize for the Best Thesis in Economics 2018

The Vilfredo Pareto Prize for the Best Thesis in Economics for 2018 will be awarded to Andresa Lagerborg for her thesis on ‘Essays in Macroeconomics: Confidence, Business Cycles and Fertility’. The award pays tribute to Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian sociologist, economist, political scientist and philosopher who lived and worked in Florence and Fiesole between 1882 […]

The James Kaye Memorial Prize for the Best Thesis in History and Visuality 2018

In 2018, the James Kaye Memorial Prize in History and Visuality will be awarded to Cloe Cavero de Carondelet for her thesis on ‘Art, piety and conflict in early modern Spain: the religious and artistic patronage of Cardinal Bernardo de Sandoval between Toledo and Rome (1599-1618)’. The prize is awarded every two years, to the […]