Prizes and awards

Ángel Alcalde wins Ivano Tognarini Dissertation Prize

Ángel Alcalde has been awarded the Ivano Tognarini Prize in Contemporary History for his Ph.D. dissertation War Veterans and Transnational Fascism: from Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany to Francoist Spain and Vichy France (1917-1940), which he defended in 2015 in the EUI Department of History and Civilization, under the supervision of Professor Federico Romero. The Prize is promoted by the […]

Jonathan Chevry wins Antonio Cassese Prize

The EUI Law Department has named Jonathan Chevry (LAW, 2015) the winner of the Antonio Cassese Prize for the Best EUI Doctoral Thesis in International Law. The Prize was created by the Department of Law in honour of the late Antonio Cassese, the international scholar and judge recognized as one of the most distinguished figures in international […]

Valentina Marcella wins James Kaye Memorial Prize in History

The History Department has announced that Valentina Marcella has been named the recipient of the James Kaye Memorial Prize for her thesis ‘Laughing Matters: Mainstream Political Cartoons under the Military Regime of the Early 1980s in Turkey’.  Valentina defended the thesis in December 2015, under the supervision of Professor Heinz-Gerhard Haupt. The biennial award, made […]

Maarten Vink wins ERC grant for citizenship research

EUI Life recently caught up with Maarten Vink, a familiar presence in the EUI academic community since he first held a Jean Monnet Fellowship at the RSCAS in 2004. Maarten is co-director of the European Union Democracy Observatory (EUDO) on Citizenship with Rainer Bauböck (EUI-SPS) and Jo Shaw (University of Edinburgh), which is hosted at the EUI. He […]

Law researcher Theodosia Stavroulaki wins research award

Theodosia Stavroulaki, third-year researcher in the Department of Law, has been awarded a prize for the ‘Best Paper in Law and Economics’ by the Greek Association of Law and Economics.  This is the second prize she has received for her research since coming to the EUI, having won an in-residence research fellowship from the American […]

Max Weber Fellow Aitana Guia wins Sangalli Institute scholarship

Max Weber Fellow Aitana Guia has secured a prestigious Cities and Religion scholarship from Florence’s Sangalli Institute. Her winning project was entitled Cities and the peaceful coexistence of the faiths: best practices, past and present. Speaking to EUI Life, Guia explains ‘’my project explores the policy strategies for dealing with religious pluralism and cultural diversity […]

JMF Ian Cooper wins research award

Ian Cooper, Jean Monnet Fellow at the RSCAS, has been awarded the PADEMIA Award for Outstanding Research on Parliamentary Democracy in Europe for his article ‘A yellow card for the striker: national parliaments and the defeat of EU legislation on the right to strike’, published in the Journal of European Public Policy. Dr. Cooper’s paper […]

SPS PhD candidate enjoys research recognition

This year Tomasz Wozniakowski, a third year PhD Candidate in the Department of Political and Social Sciences, has had a foretaste of his dream of ‘pursuing a career in academia and eventually becoming a professor, so I could continue to do what I love – research and teaching’. Named a Fulbright-Schuman Fellow grantee for 2015, […]

ECO's Juan Dolado wins research prize

Professor Juan J. Dolado has won the prestigious Rey Jaime I Prize in Economics for 2015.  Created in 1991, the prize is awarded annually to the person whose research work in economics has had an impact of great importance.  Professor Dolado was honoured especially for his work in econometrics and on the labour market. The Rey […]

LAW researcher selected for US scholar in residence program

Theodosia Stavroulaki, second year researcher in Law, has been selected for the American Bar Associations’ Section of Antitrust Law International Scholar in Residence Program (SAL SIR),  in the United States. The award is granted to up to two scholars pursuing competition policy-related research, each year.  Selected academics are invited to the US to conduct research, […]