Alumni round-up

Alumni round-up September 2019

1989 Sergiv Voitovich (LAW 1989-1994) has published International Investment Law in the Arbitration Process (in English, Yurydvchnyi Svit, 268 pages). The book reveals the structure of international investment law, its interaction with other rules applied in the resolution of international investment disputes. The volumewill be of interest for practicing lawyers and scholars specialising in international investment law, […]

Alumni Roundup

1998 Alumnus Levente Borzsák (LAW 1998-2002) has recently been nominated as Head of Department in the Office of the Prime Minister of Hungary. Dr. Borzsák spent 13 years working in Brussels at the European Parliament before returning to Hungary to join the national public service in EU affairs. Anselmo Paolone (HEC 1998-2005) was awarded the […]

Alumni round-up

Thanks to alumni who have forwarded their news to the EUI.  We look forward to publishing a more comprehensive round-up at the end of November. Please send your news to [email protected] Daniel Guinea (SPS 1997) has just published an article on gender segregation in the latest issue of the American Sociological Review. Read the article here. […]

Alumna Stefania Baroncelli is new Vice-Rector in Bolzano

EUI Alumna Stefania Baroncelli has been appointed as Vice-Rector of the Free University of Bolzano. The lawyer, who was a researcher in LAW at the EUI between 1993-1998, has worked at the university in South Tyrol since 2002. After completing her PhD thesis on the Federal Reserve System and the European monetary union, Baroncelli stayed […]

Mislav Mataija publishes volume on private regulation

EUI alumnus Mislav Mataija (LAW 2013) writes to announce the recent publication of Private Regulation and the Internal Market: Sports, Legal Services, and Standard Setting in EU Economic Law by Oxford University Press.  The volume was developed out of his thesis, which he defended in the Department of Law in 2013. Mislav is now working […]

Alumni round-up

EUI Life has recently received the below news from our alumni: 1978 Edward Chaney (HEC 1978) is back at the EUI as a Fernand Braudel Senior Fellow in the Department of History and Civilization.  He’s pleased to announce that his singer-songwriter daughter Olivia has been well-received in New York and will soon have an album […]

Interview with Fabian Breuer

The AA should serve both current researchers and the alumni as a functioning and rich network. Many alumni are very fond of the EUI, but we could be better in reaching out to them and helping them to reconnect with the EUI So we want to facilitate alumni’s involvement and to expand the Alumni Association.

Interview with Despina Chatzimanoli

What are you ambitions for the EUI Alumni Association? We view that the EUI and its Alumni Association (AA) have both come a long way; we have now reached a point where we can tap further into the great potential of what the EUI has become and of its greatest asset, its people. Our vision […]

Interview with Thomas Jorgensen

The most important part of the vision is to define what makes the Alumni Association special and translate that into concrete advantages for the alumni and for EUI. I think that bridging theory and practice at an extraordinarily high level is the one thing that you cannot get anywhere else, and this is what I want to translate into concrete initiatives.

François-Xavier Millet passes agrégation de droit

François-Xavier Millet (PhD, Law, 2012) successfully passed the agrégation de droit public in France, allowing him to become full professor of public law as of 1st September 2014. Millet, who received the Mauro Cappelletti prize in 2013, has been associate professor in Toulouse for the past year. He will now take up a position at […]