Alumni news

Thesis award to Ricardo García Antón

The European Association of Tax Law Professors (EATLP) awarded its 2016 Tax Thesis Award to 2015 LAW alumnus Ricardo García Antón at its annual conference in Munich, Germany earlier this month. Ricardo’s thesis, La cuestión prejudicial y la fiscalidad directa, analyses how the European Court of Justice, working within the preliminary reference procedure (267 TFEU), deals with cases in […]

EUI awards degrees at annual ceremony

The EUI held its annual conferring ceremony on Friday, 10 June at the Badia Fiesolana. Ninety-three alumni returned to the Institute to receive their ceremonial diplomas from EUI President J.H.H. Weiler. In addition, two Honoris Causa doctorates were awarded at the ceremony, recognizing the deep contributions made to the fields of history and sociology respectively by Professor […]

Mauro Cappelletti Prize awarded to Bosko Tripkovic

The EUI Law Department will award the Mauro Cappelletti Prize for the Best Thesis in Comparative Law to Bosko Tripkovic, Ph.D.  Tripkovic defended his thesis The metaethics of constitutional adjudication in 2015 under the supervision of Professor Dennis Patterson.  His dissertation is forthcoming as a monograph by Oxford University Press, and in the autumn he will take up a Lecturer position at […]

ECO Thesis Prize awarded to Pavel Brendler

Pavel Brendler, who defended his thesis Essays on income inequality, political inequality and income redistribution in the U.S. under the supervision of Professor Andrea Mattozzi, will receive the 2016 Vilfredo Pareto Prize for the Best Thesis in Economics. The prize, established in 2015 by the EUI Department of Economics, honors Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian sociologist, economist, political […]

Anna auf dem Brinke wins Linz-Rokkan Prize

The EUI’s SPS Department has announced that this year’s recipient of the Linz-Rokkan Prize in Political Sociology is Anna auf dem Brinke for her thesis The political economy of financial risk and preferences, which she defended under the supervision of Professor Pepper Culpepper. The annual prize was created by the SPS Department in honour of two great postwar […]

Ángel Alcalde wins Ivano Tognarini Dissertation Prize

Ángel Alcalde has been awarded the Ivano Tognarini Prize in Contemporary History for his Ph.D. dissertation War Veterans and Transnational Fascism: from Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany to Francoist Spain and Vichy France (1917-1940), which he defended in 2015 in the EUI Department of History and Civilization, under the supervision of Professor Federico Romero. The Prize is promoted by the […]

Mislav Mataija publishes volume on private regulation

EUI alumnus Mislav Mataija (LAW 2013) writes to announce the recent publication of Private Regulation and the Internal Market: Sports, Legal Services, and Standard Setting in EU Economic Law by Oxford University Press.  The volume was developed out of his thesis, which he defended in the Department of Law in 2013. Mislav is now working […]

Catching up with Jessica Spataro, retired after 34 years

Jessica Spataro, who worked for the Economics Department for more than 34 years, officially retired at the end of February.  In an extraordinary send-off, academics, alumni and former faculty who have been at the ECO department in the last four decades surprised her with their personal and video testimonies at a conference in her honour […]

Marina Calloni to introduce session on abuses against the Yazidis

SPS alumna Marina Calloni, Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Milan ‘Bicocca’, writes to update us on an event involving the Eliminate Domestic Violence Global Foundation (EDV GF).  Nominated as ‘acting Ambassador’ to EDV GF in Italy, Calloni will give the introduction to a special session at Milan’s Film Festival Forum Diritti Umani , which takes place […]

Maarten Vink wins ERC grant for citizenship research

EUI Life recently caught up with Maarten Vink, a familiar presence in the EUI academic community since he first held a Jean Monnet Fellowship at the RSCAS in 2004. Maarten is co-director of the European Union Democracy Observatory (EUDO) on Citizenship with Rainer Bauböck (EUI-SPS) and Jo Shaw (University of Edinburgh), which is hosted at the EUI. He […]