EUI Life N. 15

FSR ‘Throwing down the walls’ with new online school

The Florence School of Regulation (FSR) will be “throwing down the walls of the EUI building” with a new online school designed to share the institution’s expertise. Speaking to EUI Life, Annika Zorn in charge of the set-up of the online school said “We decided to put all our knowledge online so we started to develop webinars, video lectures, and interviews with leading academics as well as experts from the European commission, regulators and other people from the world of practice.”

EUI Hosts SURPRISE surveillance forum.

The SURPRISE (Surveillance, Privacy and Security) project have held a focus group at the EUI urging Florentines to offer opinions and ideas to EU policy makers in Brussels on matters of privacy and security, both on and offline

Saskia Sassen and the incomplete city

Sakskia Sassen has given her honoris causa lecture on the subject of cities. The highly influential author and sociologist has told an audience of researchers and academics at the EUI that she has “de-theorised to re-theorise” in order to better understand modern urban environments.

Romanian flag raised over EUI

Romania has taken part in a meeting of the EUI High Council for the first time, becoming the institutions 21st member state.

EUI academics discuss ‘spectacular’ rise of the right

Professor Hanspeter Kriesi has described the surge of right wing parties at the European elections as “spectacular” and urged attendees to take the UK Independence Party (UKIP) seriously because the group “articulates a real problem”

Economic cure before prevention

Economic policies should focus on ensuring recovery from the current recession rather than preventing the next crisis according to Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñezb