EUI Life N. 7

Historical Archives open day

The Historical Archives of the European Union hosted an open day on 10 May, as part of Florence’s Festival of Europe. The day was opened with an inaugural address by MEP Carlo Casini and an introductory talk by Professor Mariella Zoppi, author of the volume ‘La Villa, il Giardino, il Paesaggio – Un parco per gli Archivi Europei a Villa […]

Alumni round-up

        Alumni Round-up lists all the news we have received about our alumni in the past month, organised by matriculation year. 1986 Francisco Torres (ECO 1986-1989) has been appointed a Santander Fellow at the European Studies Centre at St Antony’s College, the University of Oxford, for the next academic year. 1987 Antonio Marchesi […]

Miguel Maduro appointed to Portuguese council of ministers

Miguel Poiares Maduro was recently appointed as Portugal’s minister for regional development and minister adjunct to the prime minister. He will be responsible for media policies, regional development and local development, and will support the Prime Minister. Maduro took up his position on 13 April 2013, leaving his role as director of the Global Governance […]

Arts festival at the EUI

The EUI community is invited to a festival of the arts taking place on Friday, 31 May from 7:30pm onwards at Villa Schifanoia. Set in the picturesque grounds of Villa Schifanoia, the event will celebrate the diverse art forms of music, poetry, creative writing, painting, photography and performance. It will bring together creative people from across the EUI community […]


Simon Jackson (Max Weber Fellow, HEC) and his partner Isabelle Lyon-Jackson are delighted to announce the birth of their son Clement, on 9 April 2013, in Florence. Featured image: © dechevm –


Former EUI researchers of the Law Department Vanesa Hernandez and Tambiama Madiega are happy to announce the birth of their son Hugo the last 6th of February in Brussels.


Nina Liljeqvist (SPS) and Petter Sandgren (HEC) announce the birth of their daughter Clara on 28 March 2013.

Conferring Ceremony on 14 June

Registration is now open to participate in the 2013 EUI Conferring Ceremony, which will be held on Friday 14 June 2013. The Degree Conferring Ceremony is open to alumni (both recent and non-recent) who wish to take part in a formal graduation event and receive a ceremonial Ph.D. or LL.M. diploma. Deadline for registration is 3 June 2013. […]