Duncan McDonnell on: Matteo Renzi

How did Matteo Renzi end up the most powerful man in Italian politics, and what is he going to do now he is in charge?

Is Ireland out of the woods?

“The Irish are a pragmatic people. We understand that the morning after the party, there is a bill to be paid,”

Is the EU doomed?

The European Union is suffering a crisis of cohesion, trust and imagination

Learning the lessons from transnational bombing

Experiences of aerial bombardment were extremely similar across nations during the Second World War despite perceptions of fanatical uncaring leadership by the Japanese, according to Sheldon Govon of Princeton University speaking at the EUI

Predicting a riot

Access to alcohol may be factor in US college campus riots, but its not the only factor

The future of human rights

The scope of human rights needs to be re-conceptualised with an eye to future generations, argue human rights experts at the EUI