DG Energy director in residence at EUI

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The former acting director for internal energy markets at DG Energy, Jean-Arnold Vinois, has spent four weeks visiting the EUI’s Florence School of Regulation.

Jean-Arnold Vinois retired from his post last year although he continues to act as an energy advisor to the European Commission.

“Professor Jean-Michel Glachant invited me to come to the Florence School of Regulation to share my practical experience of the inter-institutional work of the European Union with the researchers of the School,” he says.

Vinois arrived at the EUI on 22 April and has been working with a number of academics, including a seminar with researchers to discuss their energy-related research.

“I’ve met a number of interesting, constructive researchers. The conditions offered are perfect; I don’t see many other places where you have such a good environment in which to work – this is conducive to good ideas,” he says.

Although Vinois’ residency at the EUI will come to an end on 17 May, he is keen to continue helping researchers on a more regular basis: “As I have devoted 25 years to the European Commission and the idea of building Europe, I do want to continue to promote this European idea.

“For me it was good to have some distance to reflect on what I have done and to see how I can help develop aspects of energy which are very important for the future. It’s not a completed policy yet; there’s still a lot to be done.”

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