Emilie Hunter appointed Deputy Director to CILRAP-CMN

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Dorothy Estrada-TanckEmilie Hunter has been appointed Deputy Director to CILRAP-CMN after the project “Enhancing the Rome Statute System of Justice: Supporting National Ownership of Criminal Justice Procedures through Technology-Driven Services” was awarded a €1.2 million joint research grant from the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EUI Law Alumna, Dorothy Estrada-Tanck, also joins the team as the project Adviser in Mexico.

Part of Case Matrix Network at the Centre for International Law Research and Policy (CILRAP-CMN) – which is directed by former Fernand Braudel Senior Fellow, Professor Morten Bergsmo – the project will develop four technology driven legal toolkits to support national justice for the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, in the thematic areas of ratification, implementation and cooperation with the International Criminal Court; investigation and fact-finding; case-mapping, selection and prioritization; and case analysis.

Emilie Hunter

CILRAP-CMN will implement the project with two formal partners, the University of Nottingham Human Rights Law Centre and the Initiative for International Criminal Law and Human Rights.