EUI Christmas charity

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This Christmas the EUI will be collecting donations on behalf of CIFA, an Italian children’s charity focused on international adoption, healthcare, and education projects.

Last year the EUI community raised 300 euros in donations, enough to put an eight-year-old girl, Srey Pi, through a year of school.

The daughter of a driver and an egg seller, Srey Pi wrote to the EUI in March in both English and Khmer, thanking us for our support and expressing her dream that someday she might become a teacher.

This year, the EUI is hoping to raise enough funds to pay for an additional year of schooling for Srey Pi and to cover the costs for another child, as well.

Collection boxes will be located throughout the EUI campus, including in the canteens and porters’ lodges.

For more information on the charity’s activities please visit the CIFA website: