EUI Christmas fundraiser sponsors education of two young girls

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Srey Pi at school

Srey Pi at school

We are pleased to announce that the EUI community raised a total of € 705 in our Christmas fundraiser on behalf of the children’s charity CIFA. € 380 was raised through the sale of cookies prepared by members of the Real Estate and Facilities Service, and a further € 325 was raised through donations around campus.

CIFA works in the areas of international adoption, in-country healthcare and education, and the promotion of children’s rights in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. The EUI community currently sponsors the education of Srey Pi, a Cambodian girl currently in the seventh grade at the Russey Keo Primary School in Phnom Penh (Cambodia). EUI began sponsoring Srey Pi in 2013, and € 395 of this year’s contributions will fund her education for another year.

In addition, the generosity of donations from the EUI community meant that we could continue sponsoring the education of another young girl, Senail Zewdu Fkade from Ethiopia, who does not have regular sponsorship. € 310 of the money raised will go towards her schooling, allowing her to attend another year of school.

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