February @ Bar Fiasco

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Cocktail Mixing and live Band on the 7th of January: The bar will open a bit later this Friday (21.00) as we’re having a thank you party for all our hard-working volunteers. But everyone is welcome to come afterwards and experiment with mixing drinks behind the bar. Marii and the Machine Heads will also be playing at 11.

Hot Drinks at Fiasco: Fiasco is now offering hot drinks, including a range of teas, Nespresso coffee, and hot ports and whiskeys. Perfect for beating the winter chills. Tea/coffee – €1.00, hot whiskey/port – €2.50

Sport in Fiasco: We’ll be showing sporting event throughout the year, from the upcoming Winter Olympics to local Italian calcio – just tell the volunteers what you’d like to see, there’s normally a free slot.

The National Briefing: Do you want to talk about current events in your country with the wider EUI community? Contact [email protected] for more information.

Trash Movie nights: And now for something completely different. Fiasco will be screening some not-so classic films this spring, once dates have been confirmed. Drinking games are bound to feature somewhere.