Festival of Arts entertains at Villa Raimondi

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Around 80 people enjoyed a perfect spring evening of music, art and theatre in the verdant back garden of  Villa Raimondi.

Organized by the 4B club  “Pro Arts Group” for the fourth year in a row, this year’s Festival of Arts included music by ‘Lady Swing and the Clever Bandits’; a performance art production of poetry and music entitled ‘Words-Mots-Parole’; and ‘Storie Pinnochiesche’, a play written and enacted by participants from Annarita Zacchi’s ‘Laboratorio di scrittura’. Yuri, a ‘writer’ whose work can be found around the city, painted steadily in the background, using his signature red and black colours to create a Pinocchio-themed backdrop for the actors and musicians. 

Visual art was also included this year, with exhibits of photography by Matthew Langthorne and Javier Samaniego, examples of pen and ink drawings, book illustration and paintings by Janto McMullin and Patricia McMullin, and art by Maria Giorgali.

Guillaume Landais, fourth year researcher in LAW and this year’s coordinator for the event, was pleased with the high level of attendance and positive feed-back from participants.  When asked about future activities, he replied ‘Where? And when? We do not know yet. But everybody is welcome to join the team, we need more people to organize and perform’.  The EUI Community is invited to watch the Pro Arts Group page on the 4B website for more information and upcoming initiatives by the group.

Scenes from the Festival of Arts 2016

Scenes from the Festival of Arts 2016

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