First row discussant: Oscar Lema Bouza

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The State of the Union has selected a group of EUI community members as first-row discussants during the panels on 4 May. They’ll be the ones to get the ball rolling for lively discussion following the panel presentations. Get to know who they are, and what they specialize in.

Oscar Alberto Lema Bouza

Oscar Alberto Lema Bouza

Oscar Lema Bouza

  1. What is your connection with the EUI?

Third year law researcher.

  1. How would you summarise your research, in just a few words?

I am examining the use of law, including citizenship/nationality law, for diaspora governance from a comparative and international law perspective

  1. On which panel will you be a first-row discussant at SoU2017?

‘Genuine Links and Useful Passports: A Decline of Citizenship?’

  1. What can academics contribute to policy-discussions about the future of Europe?

Their expertise, and a reflexive, non-electoral dependent point of view, which can be relied on by policy makers subject to different external pressures.

  1. What are you most looking forward to about SoU?

Interesting discussions, and new points of view that can light up new ideas for research or policy making.