Get to know 4B

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EUI GymThe “Body, Brain and Boosting Board” is an umbrella term for activities run by members of the EUI for the benefit of the community.

Coined by an, an Academic Service staff member who was awarded a bottle of champagne for their trouble, it acts as facilitator to aid the establishment and development of clubs. These include cultural activities,  and sports. The number of clubs varies from year to year depending on the researchers who are willing to run them.

4B also provides small amounts of funding to groups to help them with their regular underlying costs. It has contacts with clubs in and around Florence if a particular activity cannot take place on campus and can help arrange discounts on bookings of specialist facilities.

If anyone is interested in setting up a new club the first port of call should be Linda Gilbert who can help reach out to potential new members.

Not all the activities are co-ordinated through 4B, however a list of clubs currently operating at the EUI can be found below along with a contact address:

Basketball: Alexandre Galand
Climbing: Juan Masullo Jiménez
Classical Music (Amici della Musica): Linda Gilbert
Cycling: Matthijs Kuipers
EUI Choir: [email protected]
EUI Music Society: Claire Local
Football, Men: Andrea Gazzani
Football, Women: [email protected]
Gym: Juan Masullo Jiménez
Hiking: Anna Kocharov
Rowing: Jonas Brendebach
Running: Daniel Schulz
Salsa: Stefano Palestini
Swimming: Angela Abbate
Tango: Davide Calenda
Theatre: Antoaneta Tasheva
Yoga: Ken Hulley