Gino Fabbrini retires

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Gino Fabbrini, who has worked at the EUI since June 1977, retired this month after nearly 37 years of service.  He was celebrated, along with retiring colleague Ursula Nocentini, by dozens of colleagues in a party in the Sala Rossa on 26 March.

Gino, who is French by birth, told EUI Life that the international atmosphere of the Institute, which has grown ever vaster over the years, has been a source or personal enrichment for him in his long career.

He has especially fond memories of the Institute when the entire university still fit entirely into the Badia, but also appreciates the career developments he experienced while posted in the SPS department, where he accounted for the departmental budget and enjoyed frequent interaction with the faculty and secretarial team.

Gino echoes colleagues who feel the most dramatic transformation of the Institute has been the rapid increase in size and scope.  When asked what words of wisdom he might have for younger colleagues, he encourages them to, while keeping a professional attitude, cultivate a friendly atmosphere with colleagues.  He also suggests newcomers take advantage of mobility opportunities when possible.

When asked about how he will spend his days, he mentions enjoying being a grandfather, doing some long overdue reading, cycling, and cultivating his orto.