HR in the Spotlight

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Join us in wishing a big welcome to all the new arrivals who have joined the EUI in September, and a fond farewell to all those leaving.

Welcome to:

Mauricio Bucca, Part-time Professor (MWP); Marina Cascella, Project Associate (RSCAS); Ivana Čeković, Research Associate (RSCAS); Jasper Chalcraft, Research Associate (RSCAS); Manuela Corsini, Project Manager (BFA); Gianluca Dolfi, Project Associate (RSCAS); Merve Erdilmen, Research Associate (RSCAS); Pietro Fabiani, Building Officer (REFS); Miriam Golden, Full-time Professor (SPS); Nils Grevenbrock, Part-time Professor (MWP); Martijn Hesselink, Full-time Professor (LAW); Neha Jain, Full-time Professor (LAW); Georgia Littlechild, Trainee (HEC); Ashley Mantha-Hollands, Research Associate (RSCAS); Robin Markwica, Research Associate (RSCAS); Francisco Queirós, Part-time Professor (MWP); Giampiero Passaretta, Research Associate (SPS); Maria Patrin, Research Associate (STG); Cosmin Pop, Admissions Officer (AS); Heta Pöyliö, Research Associate (SPS); Giorgio Riello, Full-time Professor (HEC); Andra Maria Roescu, Research Fellow (SPS); Mirko Savković, Trainee (BFA); Roeland Scholtalbers, Communications Specialist (CS); Corrie Souster, Trainee (AS); Alessandro Spiganti, Part-time Professor (MWP); Stefan Telle, Research Associate (RSCAS); Giulia Tura, Part-time Professor (MWP); Arnout Van De Rijt, Full-time Professor (SPS); Lucas Van Der Baaren, Research Associate (RSCAS); Alessandro Venieri, Trainee (BFA); Judith Wolff, Trainee (HAEU); Martina Zucca, HR Officer (HR)

Goodbye to:

Ilektra Alexopoulou, Trainee (BFA); Giovanni Battista Andornino, Part-time Professor (RSCAS); Jean-Thomas Arrighi De Casanova, Research Associate (RSCAS); Chiara Canestrini, Project Associate (RSCAS); Gianni De Nicolò, Part-time Professor (RSCAS); Beatrice Fiaschi, Administrative Associate (SG); Samson Hadush, Research Fellow (RSCAS); Johanna Hase, Project Associate (RSCAS); Rezart Hoxhaj, Research Fellow (RSCAS); Barbara Morganti, Project Associate (RSCAS); Zarina Nustorova, Financial Officer (BFA); James Pavitt, Language Teacher (AS); Stefano Ronchi, Research Associate (SPS); Alessandra Scappa, Trainee (CS); David Silei, Research Associate (RSCAS); Adelina Stefan, Research Associate (HEC); Günter Wilms, Legal Adviser and Data Protection Officer (SG)