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Staffing update (November and December 2019)

Join us in wishing a big welcome to all the new arrivals who have joined the EUI in November and December 2019, and a fond farewell to all those leaving.

Welcome to:

November 2019

Aad Correljé, Part-time Professor (RSCAS); Alexandra Dobšovicová, Trainee (LIB); Giulio Galdi, Research Associate (RSCAS); Rudi Albert Hakvoort, Part-time Professor (RSCAS); Valeria Raso, Administrative Assistant (COM); Urška Rok, Trainee (HAEU); Cathal Toland, Trainee (LIB)

December 2019

Renee Bertini, Trainee (RSCAS); Jonas Driedger, Research Associate (RSCAS);  Jeanette Lilley, Teaching and Learning Skills Officer (AS); Martina Mitra, Trainee (SG); Oliver Salzmann, Research Associate (ECO); Maya Sawan, Project Associate (RSCAS); Igor Tkalec, Research Associate (RSCAS); Jianhong Xin, Research Associate (ECO)

Goodbye to:

November 2019

Tiziano Arduini, Part-time Professor (ECO); Nevena Kulic, Research Associate (SPS); Carla Piras, Trainee (HAEU), Zuzanna Trzcinska, Financial Officer (BFA)

December 2019

Kasper Drazewski, Project Associate (LAW); Silvia Gonzalez Ayon (Accounting Unit); Lesley Gourlay, Part-time Professor (AS); Gabriela Jacomella, Research Associate (RSCAS); Anne-Marie Jeannet, Research Associate (RSCAS); Georgia Littlechild, Trainee (HEC); Machteld Nijsten, Law Information Specialist (LIB); Alberto Pototschnig, Part-time Professor (RSCAS)

Internal Mobility

Gjovalin Nikolli from the Real Estate and Facilities Service (Building Officer) to the Historical Archives of the European Union (Archives Service Desk Assistant)