HR in the Spotlight: 26th September 2018

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EUI has seen many new arrivals in September, and sadly waved goodbye to some staff.

Welcome to:

Marcel Albu, ICT Officer (ICT); Nina Bobkova, Full-time Assistant Professor (ECO); Miriam Boussairi, Trainee (SPS); Anne Bruch, Administrative assistant (HAEU); Jesus Bueren, Full-time Assistant Professor (ECO); Giacomo Calzolari, Full-time Professor (ECO); Tiziana Caponio, Marie Curie Fellow (RSCAS); Stefano Cappiello, Programme Director (RSCAS); Kathryn Carlson, Trainee (CS); Giancarlo Casale, Full-time Professor (HEC); Russell Cooper, Full-time Professor (ECO);  Massimiliano D’Ascanio, Trainee (CS); Jashwanni Grewal, Trainee (MWP); Poppy Grima, Trainee (HEC); Anne-Marie Jeannet, Research Associate (RSCAS); Rose Marengo, Trainee (Office of the President); Zarina Nustorova, Financial Officer (BFA); James Pavitt, Language Teacher (Language Centre); Andris Piebalgs, Part-time Professor (RSCAS); Valerie Reif, Research Associate (RSCAS); Axel Rodriguez Garrote, Trainee (BFA); Fabien Roques, Part-time Professor (RSCAS); Linda Rubene, Trainee (BFA); Andrea Sangiovanni Vincentelli, Full-time Professor (SPS); Miguel Vazquez, Part-time Professor (RSCAS); Antonio Viegas De Vasconcelos,Part-time Professor (RSCAS); Emanuela Vulpetti, Trainee (SG)

Goodbye to:

Fabio Bulfone, Research Associate (RSCAS); Doman Coulibaly, Trainee (LIB); Gianni De Nicolò, Part-time Professor (RSCAS); Maria Haag, Research Associate (RSCAS); Alexandra Hupp Micklitz, Administrative Associate (AS); Pavel Kolar, Full-time Professor (HEC); David Kupfer, Research Associate (RSCAS); Benedita Menezes Queiroz, Teaching Associate (STG); Pavel Szobi, Research Associate (HEC)

Internal mobility

Rossella Corridori, Administrative assistant, from the Law Department to the Economics Department

Patrizia Musina, Administrative assistant, from the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies to the School of Transnational Governance