Ideologies of Empire in the Modern World

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Photographic archive of the German Colonial Society, Frankfurt University Library January the Department of History and Civilization will host two events exploring the inherent tension in European empires of the so called ‘civilising mission’.

On 8 January Frederick Cooper and Jane Burbank from New York University will give a lecture in the Sala del Capitolo between 17.00 and 19.00. The talk, entitled ‘Eurafrica and Eurasia: Perspectives on Europe and Beyond’, will discuss attitudes to Europe’s periphery and how these two ideas in particular displayed a wider and more inclusive vision towards linkages with Europe compared to earlier imperial attitudes.

On 9-10 January the conference ‘Ideologies of Empire in the Modern World’ will take place in the Sala Europa in Villa Schifanoia. The conference will focus more closely on the idea of the ‘civilising mission’ through the language and symbols of religion, trade and science. How were these created and used to legitimise rule, and how were they perceived by people in the colonising and colonised societies. The keynote presentations will be delivered by Professor Cooper and Professor Burbank with addition contributions EUI professors and researchers.

For more information, or to register for either event, please email Alexandra Pfeiff.