In Memoriam – Lorella Cedroni

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Friends (L-R) Marina Calloni, Luisa Zanchi, Lorella Cedroni

Friends (L-R) Marina Calloni, Luisa Zanchi, Lorella Cedroni

It is incredibly difficult and sad to announce the death of a friend and colleague with whom I have shared many experiences and projects–including those looking to the future.  Words are not enough to describe Lorella, an extraordinary and courageous person.

Lorella Cedroni (1961-2013), alumna researcher at the Department of Political and Social Sciences from 1988 to 1991, passed away on 28 August in Rome. For years she lived with dignity and determination in the face of the inexorable disease which afflicted her, fighting relentlessly against it and working hard and passionately with those who surrounded her. Lorella was associate professor in political philosophy at the Sapienza – Università di Roma and would have soon been appointed full professor. The last years of her intense life were a very productive intellectual time for her, as she refused to let her disease render her inactive. She leaves an important intellectual and human legacy, which is respected and will be continued, as many of her students have testified. Lorella had a gift: she was able to draw out, encourage and strengthen the potential embedded in the people with whom she worked or met. I thank you, Lorella, forever, for what you contributed to make me a better person.

-Marina Calloni