In memoriam: Pedro Lains

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Pedro Lains 1959-2021

The EUI is very sad to learn of the passing of our alumnus Pedro Lains on Sunday 16 May 2021, at age of 62.

After studying Economics at the Universidade Nova in Lisbon, Pedro Lains obtained his PhD in History at the European University Institute in 1992, supervised by Alan Milward. He was affiliated with the Institute for Social Sciences at the University of Lisbon for his whole career, since 2006 as Research Professor. Pedro held various visiting positions throughout his career, among others as Fernand Braudel Fellow at the EUI in 2009.

Pedro leaves behind an impressive body of work, primarily in the area of economic history. He authored or edited 15 books and numerous articles and book chapters. He was preparing the publication of a volume on the economic history of the Iberian Peninsula. Pedro also contributed to public debates as active blogger (in Portuguese) and columnist in various newspapers. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of Portugal, expressed his sadness and called Pedro Lains a leading figure of a new generation of economic historians.

The Institute expresses its sincerest condolences to Pedro’s family.