Interview with Fabian Breuer

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Portrait/headshot, Fabian Breuer, Counsellor, PAC/COM, OECD.What are your ambitions for the EUI Alumni Association?

The AA should serve both current researchers and the alumni as a functioning and rich network. Many alumni are very fond of the EUI, but we could be better in reaching out to them and helping them to reconnect with the EUI So we want to facilitate alumni’s involvement and to expand the Alumni Association.

 What makes you good candidates for the position?

We simply think that we represent a good mix and that we make a good team: we are based in, and come from different countries on both sides of the Atlantic, work in different areas and have a lot of experience in getting things done. We combine academic, public administration and management experience and have networks in academia and in the policy-making world – we understand how the academic landscape and market appear today. All this make a good basis to successfully run the Executive Committee and to strengthen the Alumni Association. Most importantly, however, we like the EUI and want to bring the AA to a new level.

How do you differ from the other candidates in your vision?

We are sure all candidates share a rather similar vision of being useful for researchers, alumni and the whole EUI community alike – we simply believe that we have good ideas to improve the AA and that we are a good team to implement these ideas and to make things happen.

 What to you, is the most important function of the Alumni Association?

To bring together alumni and the current EUI community and to contribute to make the EUI an even better place. And the AA is the only platform we have for making the answers to the first question work.


The EUI AA Executive Committee consists of five members (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member), who are elected by the General Assembly and serve for a period of two years.

Elections will take place this year on 26 September during the Alumni Weekend and the Annual General Assembly in Florence. For those who cannot attend an online voting facility has been set up. Online elections will take place 12-22nd of September: An email containing a link to the voting facility will be sent to all AA members’ EUI email accounts.