Le Coppe Pavone

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The end of the last academic year bore witness to the annual Coppa Pavone, but this year they were not alone. For the first time the Coppa Pavone Femminile was played alongside the co-ed tournament.

Congratulations to the ‘Frogs’ who won the inaugural title which saw 6 teams compete. Union Birra & Petto di Pollo took the 2013 Coppa Pavone title.

Named after the peacocks that used to roam the grounds at Villa Schifanoia, the Coppa started back in the 1990s and has now firmly established itself in EUI folklore and tradition.

The tournament takes place every June, after deadlines but before the summer break. Information will circulate in the early spring with information for about how to sign up if new arrivals wish to register teams.

Information about next year’s tournament will be announced on the EUI’s calcio blog.