In memoriam: Nicky Owtram

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We are extremely sad to announce that our beloved friend and colleague, Nicola Owtram, has passed away.

Nicky Owtram

Nicky Owtram (1957 – 2018)

During her long tenure at the EUI, since August 1990, Nicky always showed great dedication, intellectual openness and a constructive attitude to fulfil her tasks achieving huge results.

Nicky was unanimously appreciated within and outside the Institute and embodied professional seriousness and personal courage. During her time at the EUI, Nicky was the Language Centre Coordinator and provided professional academic writing support and presentation skills to researchers and fellows, in addition to having established the Fiesole Group.

Her loss has left a feeling of deep pain throughout the entire EUI community.

The Institute expresses its sincerest condolences to her sons, Blasco and Tazio, and to her family.

Funeral services will take place on Friday 28 September at 12:00pm at OFISA, Viale Milton, 89, Florence.

There will be a memorial service in her honour which will take place at the EUI on Friday 28 September at 6:00pm in the Badia Church, a reception will follow.


Nicky Owtram Memorial Service programme