Mény becomes president of Scuola Sant'Anna

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Congratulations to former EUI President Yves Mény, who was recently appointed President of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.  Sant’Anna is a public university in Pisa, Italy, which offers training and postgraduate courses in Economics and Managerial Science, Law Science, Political Science, Agricultural Science and Biotechnology, Medical Science, and Industrial and Information Engineering.

EUI Life asked Professor Mény about his decision to take up the leadership of the Scuola at this point in his career:

Yves Meny

Yves Mény

“Like most things in life, it was about 50% chance and 50% choice.  Giuliano Amato resigned from the Presidency of the School in a moment when I was available and interested in such a challenge.  I also grew up in a family in which hard work was celebrated, and that continues to drive me—retirement for me right now seems more of a punishment than a reward!  Then, the wonderful experience I had as a Fellow at Cornell University in the US in the early 1970s continues to shape my work as an academic and academic manager.  I have always thoroughly enjoyed the international networking, research and publishing…it is what I am happiest doing, and I find it gratifying to work on behalf of institutions in which these elements can be developed.  Finally, ever since I chose to be an academic, I knew that I would always dedicate my time and energy to that, though perhaps in different ways at different times.”