New Fraud and Compliance Tool

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EUI Internal Auditing Service
The Internal Audit Service (IAS) is an independent appraisal function, which assists the EUI administration with monitoring the effective and efficient management of resources. Its main objective is to promote sound financial management and effective implementation of internal control system. The studies and reviews carried out by the service help demonstrate the progress of the EUI towards compliance and accountability to the Member States and the other funding organizations.

In addition to the assurance services, Internal Audit provides advisory services upon request, with the formulation of new policies and procedures, interpretation of the existing policies and rules and assessment of project plans.

With the view of promoting its advisory services, the Service has recently launched a Fraud and Compliance Tool that allows a more direct contact with the IAS staff. The Internal Auditor would like to encourage the use of the form published, along with other supporting materials, on the Service’s newly updated website. This practice could facilitate the work of both the administration and internal/external auditors by reducing potential ex-post check criticisms. With large research grants coming to the Institute from a multitude of different locations the Service felt this tool to be increasingly important.

“We should be seen more as collaborators willing to support all the EUI services in improving the internal control system, rather than as a criticising body” say Silvia Salvadori, Antoaneta Tasheva and Cristiano Papini “We provide a different perspective on things. We can always bring an outsiders view.”

For more information, and to find the tool, visit the service’s website.