Restoring the vision of Europe: an interview with Marco Piantini

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This week Marco Piantini visited the EUI to deliver a lecture on `The Italian Contribution to the Debate on the Future of the Governance of the Euro’.piantini

Piantini is an adviser for European Affairs to the Italian Prime Minister and recently acted as coordinator of the Italian position on the Eurozone crisis. He is a former adviser to President Napolitano and a staff member at the European Parliament.

In his talk, Piantini asserted the need for radical institutional reforms to address problems in the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). He singled out the completion of the Banking Union, and the implementation of a Capital Markets Union as a priority in this.

Piantini also explored the political dimensions of the crisis afflicting the European Union, pointing out the presence of widening inequalities between Europe’s North and South, and between generations. He argued that increasing youth employment and tackling poverty are essential in rebuilding faith in the European project for its younger citizens.

You can watch the EUI’s interview with Piantini here: 

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