Spotlight on Human Resources

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Staffing update (September 2020)

Join us in wishing a big welcome to all the new arrivals who have joined the EUI in September 2020, and a fond farewell to all those leaving.

September 2020

Welcome to:

Zeinab Aboutalebi, Full-time Professor (ECO); Ayman Aldassouky, Research Associate (RSC); Christina Alexandropoulou, Financial Officer (BFA); Elizabeth Banks, Research Associate (RSC); Soraya Binetti, Trainee (COM); Konrad Bleyer-Simon, Research Associate (RSC); Miriam Boussairi, Administrative Assistant (LAW); Daniele Caramani, Full-time Professor (RSC); Edouard Challe, Full-time Professor (ECO); Claudia Cotroneo, HR Officer (HR); Jérôme Gonnot, Research Associate (RSC); Dominika Gruziel, Research Fellow (HEC); Nicolas Guilhot, Full-time Professor (HEC); Sinan Hatahet, Research Associate (RSC); Roberta Igliozzi, Web Developer (RSC); Cristina Lafuente Martinez, Part-time Professor (MWP); Michela Lavaggi, Trainee (STG); Alessandro Magro, Project Associate (RSC); Claudine Marissal, Research Associate (HEC); Alexander Monge-Naranjo, Part-time Professor (ECO); Jennifer Monti, EUI4U User Support Specialist (REFS); Sarah Nouwen, Full-time Professor (LAW); Isabella Orsini, Trainee (SG); Serena Panariti, Trainee (RSC); George Papakonstantinou, Full-time Professor (STG); Simaina Petzold, Trainee (STG); Alice Pineschi, Trainee (ACS); Claudio Radaelli, Full-time Professor (STG); Wessel Reijers, Research Associate (RSC); Andrea Renda, Part-time Professor (STG); Ariadna Ripoll Servent, Research Associate (RSC); Francesca Scrinzi, Part-time Professor (RSC); Hedi Selmi, Project Associate (RSC); Corrie Souster, Administrative Assistant (ACS); Guergana Stolarova, Research Associate (SPS); Diane Stone, Full-time Professor (STG); Junze Sun, Part-time Professor (MWP); May Tamimova, Research Associate (RSC); Anja Thomas, Research Associate (RSC); Alessandro Tondini, Part-time Professor (MWP); Machteld Venken, Research Associate (HEC); Marteen Vink, Full-time Professor (RSC); Marina Vuksanovic, HR Officer (HR); Adrien Wicht, Research Associate (RSC); Annabelle Wittels, Part-time Professor (MWP); Giovanni Zabban, Trainee (COM); Tetyana Zhurzhenko, Research Associate (HEC); Maria Zuffova, Research Associate (RSC)

Goodbye to:

Isabella Alloisio, Research Associate (RSC/STG); Elena Carletti, Part-time Professor (RSC); Ivana Čeković, Research Associate (RSC); Aad Correljé, Part-time Professor (RSC); Kirios Di Sante, Trainee (Accounting Unit); Alexandra Dobšovicová, Trainee (LIB); Federico Fuchs, Research Associate (RSC); Piero Gottardi, Part-time Professor (ECO); Hugo Meijer, Marie Curie Research Fellow (RSC); Martina Mitra, Trainee (SG); Alice Perini, Administrative Assistant (HAEU); Maya Sawan, Research Associate (RSC); Martina Zucca, HR Officer (HR)