Spotlight on Human Resources

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Staffing update (November 2020)

Join us in wishing a big welcome to all the new arrivals who have joined the EUI in November 2020, and a fond farewell to all those leaving.

November 2020

Welcome to:

Michael Bauer, Full-time Professor (STG); Lorenzo Brogi-Skoskiewicz, Trainee (RSC); Paolo Chiocchetti, Research Associate (RSC); Jan Cornillie, Research Associate (STG); Gabriele Cusimano, Administrative Assistant (COM); Piotr Dombrowicki, Research Associate (STG); Rodrigo Fagundes Cezar, Research Associate (RSC); Valentina Gorgoni, Administrative Officer (RSC); Leonardo Indraccolo, Research Associate (ECO); Josipa Karadžole, Trainee (LIB); Maria Kottari, Research Associate (STG); Rebecca Lamas, Research Associate (STG); Luisa Marin, Marie Curie Research Fellow (LAW); Lucia Piccioni, Marie Curie Research Fellow (HEC); Valeria Raso, Administrative Officer (LAW); Robert Watt, Research Associate (STG); Linde Zuidema, Research Associate (STG)


Goodbye to:

Tiziano Arduini, Part-time Professor (ECO); Luciano Bardi, Part-time Professor (ADGCR); Veerle Deckmyn, Director (ACS); Elena Maria Fumagalli, Part-time Professor (RSC); Tauland Hysaj, Administrative Assistant (REFS); Irina Isaakyan, Research Fellow (RSC); Friedrich Poeschel, Research Fellow (RSC)