SPS researcher wins Mobility Grant

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-katharina-meissnerKatharina Meissner, a third year researcher in the SPS Department, has been awarded a European Research and Mobility Grant for European Studies ‘Charles V European Award –  José Manuel Durão Barroso’ for her study entitled “History, memory and European integration from the point of view of EU transatlantic relations”.

The grant was awarded by the European Academy of Yuste Foundation and supported by the European Commission, the SEGEI (Socio-Economic Governance and European Identity) Research Network, the University of Extremadura, and the Extremadura’s Regional Ministry for Education and Culture.

The mobility grant served to carry out fieldwork for the study, which was carried out in Brussels and South America, and allowed her to travel to the Extremadura in order to present the work.

“I was very pleased to be invited to the doctoral seminar” she remarked “and I am thankful that the Academy of Yuste gave me the chance to present my work to such an excellent audience. What I appreciated most was the interdisciplinary spirit of the seminar because it was fascinating and inspiring to look at EU-Latin America relations from other angles than political science like a cultural, linguistic, art, or economic perspective.”

“The doctoral seminar also aimed at creating an interdisciplinary network of young researchers (the other eight grant holders and myself) who work on the EU’s relations with the Americas.”