Staffing updates for June 2021

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Join us in wishing a big welcome to all the new arrivals who have joined the EUI in June 2021, and a fond farewell to all those leaving.

Welcome – or welcome back to:

Maria Grazia Dusina, Project Associate (AEL); Elena Iorio, Administrative Officer (RSC); Johannes Karremans, Research Fellow (SPS); Claudia Luchetti, Trainee (RSC); Elena Maggi, Project Associate (STG); Lilla Posztós, Trainee (ACS)

Goodbye to:

Lorenzo Brogi-Skoskiewicz, Trainee (RSC); Thibault Cusseau, Trainee (HAEU); Edgars Eihmanis, Research Fellow (SPS); Leonardo Melosi, Part-time Professor (ECO); Jette Helding Pedersen, HR Director (HRS); Laura Puccio, Research Fellow (RSC); Ettore Recchi, Part-time Professor (RSC); Annalisa Rizzo, Trainee (REFS); Alessandro Tondini, Part-time Professor (MWP); Emiliano Tornese, Part-time Professor (RSC); Mario Viola De Azevedo Cunha, Research Associate (RSC); Renato Elia, Printshop Officer (REFS)