Staffing updates for May 2022

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Join us in wishing a big welcome to all the new arrivals who have joined the EUI in May 2022, and a fond farewell to all those leaving.

Welcome – or welcome back to:

Andrea Burro, Research Associate (ECO); Pia Dittmar, Administrative Assistant (SPS); Georges Fahmi, Part-time Assistant Professor (RSC); Matteo Fossi, Research Associate (ECO); Valerie Kiel, Project Associate (STG); Samir Kiuhan, Research Associate (RSC); Alessandra La Terza, Trainee (COM); Nico Lauridsen, Research Associate (RSC); Francesca Roberti, Project Associate (STG); Fabien Roques, Part-time Professor (RSC); Aliesia Soloviova, Trainee (CCU); Corrie Walker-Souster, Project Associate (STG)

Goodbye to:

Maren Beaufort, Research Associate (RSC); Lisa Benvegnù, Trainee (HAEU); Alessandra di Pietro, Research Fellow (SPS); Nicole Falessi, Legal Officer (CCU); Maria Ioakeimidou, Administrative Assistant (STG); Laura Martignoni, Project Associate (MWP); Pietro Masini, Trainee (COM); Sara Morandi, Trainee (COM); Philipp Paech, Part-time Professor (RSC); Rebecca Ravalli, Project Associate (LAW); Samuele Scarpelli, Research Associate (RSC); Adriana Urbano, Copywriter (COM); Alina Vranceanu, Research Fellow (RSC); Jeffrey Wooldridge, Part-time Professor(RSC)