State of the Staff returns with roaring success

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IMG_6150On Tuesday this week, the second ever State of the Staff party was held in the grounds of Villa la Fonte at the EUI. Open to research associates, trainees and staff both current and retired, the evening offered a chance for colleagues to loosen their ties and socialise outside the office.

This year’s event saw live music, a treasure hunt and a teaser performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night by the EUI theatre group.  The full-length performance of the play directed by Andrea Bruno Savelli will take place on June 9th and 10th and features a cast of EUI researchers, trainees and staff. There was also a photography exhibition of works by Javier Samaniego and performances by jazz band ‘Lady Swing & The Clever Bandits’, and ‘Five Four Time’.

Attendees shared drinks and home-made food accompanied by children and partners, while President Weiler offered wine and gave the opening speech. Co-organiser Laura Bechi declared, “I think the event was a real success. A lot of people decided to join the party and the atmosphere was relaxed, friendly and joyful: we also had the opportunity of sharing appreciation for the talent of some members of our community and the level of all performances, both theatre and music, was absolutely amazing.”

She continued, “It’s only the second year that we have organized this event, but I must admit that this time things got even better than last year. Villa la Fonte and its awesome gardens were a perfect location for leisure activities. Special thanks to our outsourced staff, who gave a great contribution to the outcome of the event.”

Fabrizio Borchi, an administrative assistant in the EUI’s Historical Archives agreed, adding, “Amazing theatre sketches, great music performances and an exciting treasure hunt: simply a perfect occasion for the EUI staff to meet and relax together!”


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