Russell Cooper

Professor Russell Cooper rejoins EUI as Professor of Economics after five years away in the US teaching at Pennsylvania State University. Over coffee at a streetside cafe in San Domenico, we discuss his work at EUI, the ideal curriculum, and how an academic’s work is never done. For Professor Cooper, his new post is a […]

Nina Bobkova

Dr Nina Bobkova joins EUI as Assistant Professor in Economics from Bonn University in Germany. On a particularly hot and humid Thursday afternoon in the Villa Badia’s mensa, she spoke to EUI Life about her academic interests, the “special” environment of EUI, and her Slavic tolerance for mosquitos. As Assistant Professor in Economics, Dr Bobkova […]

Vilfredo Pareto Prize for the Best Thesis in Economics

In 2017, the Vilfredo Pareto Prize for the Best Thesis in Economics will be awarded to Vincent Maurin for his thesis on ‘Information and credit frictions in financial markets’. The award pays tribute to Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian sociologist, economist, political scientist and philosopher who lived and worked in Florence and Fiesole between 1882 and […]

Catching up with Jessica Spataro, retired after 34 years

Jessica Spataro, who worked for the Economics Department for more than 34 years, officially retired at the end of February.  In an extraordinary send-off, academics, alumni and former faculty who have been at the ECO department in the last four decades surprised her with their personal and video testimonies at a conference in her honour […]

Economics job placements

The Economics Department at the EUI wishes to congratulate its 2012-2013 Academic Year Job Market candidates following is a list of their placements

Economists joining the EUI

The EUI will welcome three new economists this September. Andrea Ichino, currently a part-time professor at the Institute and a professor at the University of Bologna, will take up the Applied Economics Chair. Ichino was also a Jean Monnet Fellow at the EUI and previously a professor of economics at Bocconi University.     David K. Levine will take up […]

ECO PhD wins excellence award

The Economics Education and Research Consortium (EERC) has awarded Andrei Sirchenko (ECO PhD 2012) the Zvi Grilliches Excellence Award for his EERC grant project paper ‘A model for ordinal responses with an application to policy interest rate‘. The EERC Network’s International Advisory Board stated in its evaluation of the project that the paper makes an […]

Portugal’s minister of finance at the EUI

Vitor Gaspar, Portugal’s minister of finance, visited the EUI on 30 November and delivered the Pierre Werner Chair Lecture. The minister spoke on European politics during the crisis, drawing on the historical background to financial union in Europe and discussing current changes within national governments and Portugal’s ambitions for 2013. Gaspar was joined by EUI […]