EUI get-together in San Francisco

The EUI Alumni Association is hosting a drink for EUI alumni, researchers and professors on 4  April 2013 in San Francisco, CA. The event coincides with the Annual Convention of the International Studies Association (ISA), to be held in San Francisco from 3 to 6 April. EUI alumni attending the convention–or who happen to be in the San […]

Coming up: History professor discusses new book in Florence

History Professor Lucy Riall will be speaking about her new book, La rivolta, Bronte 1860, at the Feltrinelli bookshop in Florence on 18 February. The book, which has also been published in English, examines the uprising in the Sicilian town of Bronte in 1860, as Italy was undergoing the process of unification. The event will begin at […]

New director arrives at EU Historical Archives

The Historical Archives of the European Union, part of the EUI campus, has hired a new director from UNESCO. Dieter Schlenker began his new role on 7 January, after more than three years as the head of UNESCO’s Information and Knowledge Management Unit in Bangkok. While there Schlenker was involved in running the office’s library, […]

In-house lawyer joins the EUI

The EUI now has an in-house lawyer, who will support both the academic departments and administrative services. Polyxeni Melidou began her new job as legal advisor on 7 January, after almost four years at the European Commission’s Research Executive Agency (REA) in Brussels. Although she is formally attached to the Personnel Service, Melidou says she […]

LAW researcher wins essay prize

LAW researcher Katarzyna (Kasia) Gracz has been awarded an essay prize by the International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property. Gracz’s paper, entitled ‘Bridging the gaps between the social and legal norms concerning protection of intellectual and artistic creations: on the crisis of copyright law in the digital era’ will be published […]

Coming up: Tariq Modood to deliver Max Weber Lecture

Tariq Modood, professor of sociology and founding director of the University of Bristol’s Research Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship, will deliver a Max Weber Lecture on 20 February 2013.  Modood has published extensively on multiculturalism, ethnic identity and citizenship, and is a regular contributor to media and public debate on these issues. In his […]

Buildings expert joins the EUI

The Real Estate and Facilities Service (formerly the Logistics Service) has hired Walter Pugliese, a mechanical engineer, for the new position of Buildings Expert. The position entails the management of all of the EUI’s 14 sites, and includes acting as the EUI’s go-between in dealings with local and national authorities, builders and providers on business […]

EUI members begin charity sponsorship

Following a successful charity appeal in December, the EUI will begin sponsoring a Cambodian child. Members of the EUI raised over €300, which will support seven-year-old Srey Pi through the Italian charity CIFA. Srey Pi lives in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh with her parents, a driver and an egg-seller, and has ambitions to be […]

Active EUI: Cineclub

The director of a film charting 150 years of the Italian nation will come to the EUI later this month, as part of a collaboration between the Cineclub and the Department of History and Civilisation. Enrico Cerasuolo, director of ‘From Garibaldi to Berlusconi – 150 Years of Italian History’, will attend a screening of the […]

Fraternité 2020 promotes European exchange programmes

A group of EUI researchers are campaigning for greater investment in EU exchange programmes, such as the Erasmus student exchange programme and the European Voluntary Service. Markus Gastinger, Jeroen Moes and Axelle Reiter – all current or recent researchers within the Department of Political and Social Sciences – are part of the Europe-wide Fraternité 2020 […]