Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

Coming up: Workshop on Religious Pluralism in State Institutions

The ReligioWest research program at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies will offer a workshop on ‘The Formatting of Religions: Religious Accommodation in Prisons and the Military’ on 11 & 12 February. This event explores the topic of religious pluralism in prisons and the military, with a particular focus on Islam as a newcomer religion to […]

Recent highlight: ECB governance and accountability conference

On 28 January the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies hosted a conference which examined voting, supervision and transparency at the European Central Bank. Participant Ignazio Angeloni, advisor to the bank’s Executive Board, spoke to the EUI about the publication of meeting minutes and argued that immediate publication would be a source of problems. Read the […]

RSCAS research assistant wins best paper award

The French Association for Energy Economics has awarded Arthur Henriot, research assistant at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS), first prize for Best Student Article in Energy Economics. Henriot received the award on 10 December, for his paper ‘Market design with centralised wind power management: handling low-predictability in intraday markets’. At the EUI, […]

Portugal’s minister of finance at the EUI

Vitor Gaspar, Portugal’s minister of finance, visited the EUI on 30 November and delivered the Pierre Werner Chair Lecture. The minister spoke on European politics during the crisis, drawing on the historical background to financial union in Europe and discussing current changes within national governments and Portugal’s ambitions for 2013. Gaspar was joined by EUI […]

EUDO conference on crisis and democracy

On 22 and 23 November the European Union Democracy Observatory (EUDO), part of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS), will hosts a conference on ‘The euro crisis and the state of European democracy’

SPS department boosted by four new professors

Four professors will join the Department of Political and Social Sciences (SPS) this September, bringing with them research projects and expertise in areas such as Islamic extremism and European education.

EU Commissioner advances idea of common migration policy

The European Commissioner for Home Affairs said in June that EU member states were too concerned with border and economic security to fulfil their duty to support the Arab Spring, and pushed for a Europe-wide migration policy.