HR in the Spotlight: 5 July 2019

Staffing update (June 2019) Join us in wishing a big welcome to all the new arrivals who have joined the EUI in June, and a fond farewell to all those leaving. Welcome to: Sule Alan, Full-time Professor (ECO); Thomas Crossley, Full-time Professor (ECO); Giovanni De Santis, Health Safety & Security Officer (REFS); Rachel Dutaud, Trainee […]

HR in the Spotlight: 16th November 2018

Staffing update (November 2018) Join us in wishing a big welcome to all the new arrivals who have joined the EUI in November, and a fond farewell to all those leaving. Welcome to: Ilektra Alexopoulou, Trainee (BFA); Vanesa Cecić, Trainee (BFA); Giulia Coda, Trainee (RSCAS); Macarena Cuesta, Administrative Associate (BFA); Joseph Daher, Part-time Professor (RSCAS); […]

HR in the Spotlight: 26th September 2018

EUI has seen many new arrivals in September, and sadly waved goodbye to some staff. Welcome to: Marcel Albu, ICT Officer (ICT); Nina Bobkova, Full-time Assistant Professor (ECO); Miriam Boussairi, Trainee (SPS); Anne Bruch, Administrative assistant (HAEU); Jesus Bueren, Full-time Assistant Professor (ECO); Giacomo Calzolari, Full-time Professor (ECO); Tiziana Caponio, Marie Curie Fellow (RSCAS); Stefano […]

SoS – The State of the Staff 2017

As another academic year races towards its conclusion, the annual SOS once again offered a little light relief for the hardworking staff of the EUI.


  That boy on the Vespa…did he know he’d eventually arrive in Florence via South Africa?  And that sixish-year old, with the missing front teeth and the canny smile, who would have placed him singing ‘Nights in White Satin’ on a warm spring evening on the steps of an Italian villa…to his staff?  But that girl spinning out on her […]

State of the Staff returns with roaring success

On Tuesday this week, the second ever State of the Staff party was held in the grounds of Villa la Fonte at the EUI. Open to research associates, trainees and staff both current and retired, the evening offered a chance for colleagues to loosen their ties and socialise outside the office. This year’s event saw […]

Director of Historical Archives retires

On 1 March 2013, Jean-Marie Palayret retired after many years in charge of a crucial and demanding service at the Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU).  As archivist and historian – he was associate professor in charge of the history of European integration at the Institut des Hautes Etudes européennes in Strasbourg for 10 […]

Administrative staff round-up

Congratulations are in order for a number of administrative staff who have assumed new positions as temporary or contract agents, since the beginning of this year. New Temporary Agents include Judith Przyrowski and Fatma Sayed in Academic Services; Alessandra Torre in the Personnel Service; Sarah St John in the President’s Office;  and Raul Pessoa in […]