Summer school

MENA region needs international cooperation, say experts

A high-level conference on the challenges facing the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region paved the way for an innovative EUI summer school last week. The Middle East Directions Programme (MEDirections) conference, ‘Beyond Borders and States’, examined who pulls the strings of power in the globalised Middle East. Over three days, experts and scholars took […]

The Academy of European Law Summer schools welcome worldwide guests

The Academy of European Law (AEL) summer schools have become ‘a real drawcard,’ for legal scholars and practitioners said Professor Nehal Bhuta. ‘Every year, the summer school here attracts a multinational, well-qualified group with a diverse range of perspectives,’ he told EUI Life. This year, participants in the summer schools on human rights law and European […]

CMPF Summer School Tackles Fake News

This year’s CMPF summer school, which tackles ‘Journalism in the digital age: responding to propaganda and fake news’, runs from 5-9 June. It offers training to 28 young journalist and media practitioners and is a unique networking opportunity.

Summer schools on human rights law and EU law in 27th year

With estimates of Academy of European Law (AEL)  ‘alumni’ at over two thousand, the reach of the EUI’s law summer schools can be felt far and wide. Every summer since 1990, the Academy of European Law brings more than a hundred individuals to the EUI campus for two-week courses in Human Rights Law and the […]