Three EUI researches receive Fulbright-Schuman 2014-2015 awards

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Written by Tomasz P. Woźniakowski

Roma 2014 022Nele Leosk is a researcher at the SPS department, and she is studying the development of e-governance in OECD and EU member states under the supervision of Prof. Alexander Trechsel. She is analysing the effects of institutional changes and actors’ preferences on the development of e-governance, looking at whether these effects hold through time and space. In the US, she will be working at the National Centre for Digital Government at the University of Massachusetts Amherst under the guidance of Prof. Jane Fountain and at The Governance Lab at New York University together with Prof. Beth Noveck.

Zane Rasnaca is a researcher at the Law department working under the supervision of Prof. Claire Kilpatrick. Her PhD project aims to assess the role of the CJEU in the area of social policy from a lawmaking perspective. It looks at the interaction between the CJEU, from one side, and other EU-level actors, from the other, and assesses how and under what conditions does the CJEU’s interaction with other EU-level actors shape EU law. In the US, she will be working at Center for European Studies at Rutgers and at Yale Law School. There she will be exploring the US example and working on the interdisciplinary (law and politics) part of her project with the guidance from  such well-known experts in the field as Prof. Daniel Kelemen and Prof. Alec Stone Sweet.

Tomasz P. Wozniakowski is a PhD researcher at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, under the supervision of Prof. Alexander Trechsel. His interdisciplinary research focuses on the fiscal unions in a comparative historical perspective, politics of fiscal federalism, and the Eurozone crisis. His doctoral dissertation is in process and deals with the emergence of the federal fiscal powers and its impact on the federalization process with emphasis on the European Union in light of the American and Swiss experience. In the US, he will be working at the Department of History at the University of California, Berkeley under the guidance of Prof. Robin L. Einhorn.

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